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Having been away from the blogosphere for quite sometime means I'm making a living that doesn't require me being online 24/7. The amount of effort I exert just to get to work and go home just in time to get enough rest so that I could do it all over again is overwhelming. Most of the time, it's already taking its toll on me. But who am I to complain? I can only be thankful with the amount of things that I do in my life. With travelling back and forth to work, working an eight-hour shift, and dragging myself to the gym to workout and then I still need to sleep... Sometimes I have reasons to believe that humans are really not created in this world where there are only 24 hours per day because we need more (have you seen that conspiracy documentary?).
Anyway... I am a huge fan of giving myself a little bit of pampering from time to time. Because otherwise, I will go cray cray if I don't take a tiny break if I am way too stressed. And you know what? Angels are real. Sometimes they come down to heaven in a form of a friend who will invite you for a massage which is just exactly what you need in the middle of a very busy week.
"Hey Fritz, I'm now part of a spa on J.P. Rizal in Poblacion, Makati. Come over because we are opening and we want you to try it out." Am I supposed to say no to that??? So I said, Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!
I am a huge fan of a good weekend massage and when someone loves getting a massage like me, one gets it atleast once a week. But truth be told, this is just the second time I'm getting a massage this year. That's how hectic I am.
Sentro Massage & Spa
Sentro Massage & Spa is located at 843 J.P. Rizal St. Poblacion, Makati, just beside BPI. I'm bad with places but it's pretty hard to miss so I got no problem locating it using public transport.
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The Ambiance
Upon entering the spa of course I noticed that everything is new as it should be since they are opening. Each spa has it's own way of decorating and designing their interior which is very important in setting the mood because spa's are for relaxation. And what sets this spa apart is the feeling of notoriety with the way they chose their furniture. The couches are velvet and they have chosen purple and red which are very royalty. I was wondering though where to put my crown while I pamper myself in utmost Zen (just kidding!).
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And this one though, imagine yourself getting that hand and head massage and you see the stars sparkling right to your direction. Dreamy! It was the first time I saw this kind of design. Good job, TBH. This is the ceiling at the massage area.
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The Massage
The massage I got at Sentro Spa has got to be one of the most decent ones. I say decent because you'll get your money's worth. With how the masseuse did the massage, I thought she's got to be certified with a massage certificate giving body or department or something. And I guessed it right. Their therapists are DOH and NC II certification passers. So they got your back. Literally.
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My pic with the owner and Sentro Spa ambassadors. (Left to right: Me, Aya Frances Cruz-Mutya ng Taguig 2016 4th Runner-Up, Ms. Rio Vi Padua-Branzuela-Owner of Sentro Spa, Catherine Pecante-Mutya ng Taguig 2016 Winner and the Face of Sentro Spa, Roberta Balgemino-Mutya ng Fort Bonifacio 2015)
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My pic with the therapists (Left to right: Analyn, Desiree, Marielle, Me, Gia, April, and Chelanie)
I really had a very relaxing time (needless to say). They have lots of plans to make your experience at Sentro Spa a very memorable one. Try giving them a call to book your massage. They also do home service. Check if they can cover your location 924-62-40, 0916-470-9000, and 0908-470-9000 are the numbers to call.
Check out their rates:
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