Friday, February 20, 2015


10801576_999478816735279_4551774044024842821_nHello 2015! Been away for almost two months and I feel like I've done something so sinful that I need to repent. Here, let me post some of the outfit shots that I wasn't able to post last year.
There are times that I always doubt if a certain combination will ever look good on me or to anyone else. I always wonder... will this plaid shirt look good if paired with a white shirt? Or if a certain combination ok if I wear it in a certain way?.... The number of combinations that you can come up with from your wardrobe can be countless. If you will only try. Just how Nike puts it, just do it.

This outfit came from my curiousity if whether or not it's ok to wear a sleeveless shirt under a plaid one. Kinda looks summer-y but what gives, it's always hot in Manila. Here it is. Hmmm... what do you think?
(Details: Kent Shirt-Cotton On, Sando-Tiangge at Ruins BF Homes, Paranaque, Jeans-H&M BKK, Watch-Veloci (cracked huhu), Shoes-Milano's which I bought for only 450php, Shades-Sunnies at MOA)
Next post will be another backlog from 2014. I'm sorry. Haha! I just have to post it in order to post in real time. Thanks for checking this blog post out!

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