Tuesday, July 5, 2016


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This is the before look. Before I left home.
For guys like me who have been selected by the random genetic lottery to have a beard, mustache, and sideburns, shaving is a pain in the a**!  My father and my brother are both practically hairless in those facial areas which makes me want to thank my Indian ancestors for giving me something some men could only wish for.  I really find having facial hair cool.  I can have them if I want to and I can get rid of them if I have to.  Shaving is the price I have to pay for sporting something Abraham Lincoln is famous for.  Since the time I realized I have to shave, I knew there's something wrong with how men's shavers are designed.  More often than not, there are few spots that are left unshaved and when it comes to the deed, things can get bloody.  Ouch!
So when I got the invite to experience a day of pampering by Gillette and Esquire to be held at Felipe & Sons, I said to myself, "Is this perfect timing or what?!".  I haven't had a haircut for a month and no shave for two weeks.  When I read the name of the "event", I thought the word ball has something to do with dancing, girls in ball gowns, and guys in fine suits.  That's actually funny because FlexBall is the latest shaver technology by Gillette.  Haha!  I'm sure that guys who shave have that typical razors and flat cardridges that we can all attest to the fact that it's really hard to glide the shaver, especially if you are shaving your neck which has a lot of humps, bumps, and contours.  Gillette's new Fushion ProGlide with Flexball technology has a reimagined handle dock which responds to contours, and maintains close contact.  Giving the cartridge a full range of motion to get virtually every hair.
Aside from getting a haircut, full facial shave, back massage, and refreshments, they also gave my shoes some polishing.  So I brought the pair which have seen better days.  Grabe ako makasulit!  Anyhow, here are the pictures I've taken from yesterday's day of pampering.
At Felipe & Son's
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I had to change to these sandals while they shine my shoes and I get my haircut.
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Just like that, haircut's done and my shoes shined. You can watch the video on my Youtube channel.
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Here are some of the pictures I've taken at Felipe & Sons, the generous host.
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Not my best angle and lighting, but this happened.
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Since I don't have anyone to take a picture of what I was wearing, I took a snapshot inside the loo. Details on my next post.
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The day after...
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Thanks Gillette and Esquire for partnering with Felipe & Sons for the day of pampering and giving us hairy men this shaver that will end our misery.
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Follow EsquirePH's Instagram too. They might open up dates when you can also try the new FlexBall. They will post an announcement and a number where you can RSVP. Cheers!
(Photos taken using Nokia Lumia 930)

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