Friday, February 20, 2015


20141118_125052If you haven't done any online purchase, you are living under a rock. May it be food delivery, beauty products, clothes, shoes, gadgets, accessories, all can be done through a series of clicks and pushing that confirm button to complete your online transaction. That's one of the advantages living in the current time offers.
Zalora has been around for some time now but I was skeptic on ordering for some unknown reason (that's the caveman in me talking). But since I was really in need of some basic tees to wear and I am always on a rush when I'm out, I can't find time to go at a mall and prance through piles of shirts and be overwhelmed by the number of selection there... I decided to give online shopping a shot even though I'm apprehensive about it.
I downloaded the Zalora app since I am a mobile phone person and discovered they offer a 250php coupon upon signing up. Who doesn't want that? Let's do this!
I placed my order on a Sunday and got an email confirmation that my order will arrive within the week. I didn't really mind as to when they will deliver my items since I was not in a rush, just as long as they deliver the goods. I wasn't also expecting much since this online purchase is a little bit of an experiment for me. I got an email on a Monday that my order is already in transit. I was like... uhmmm OK... Come Tuesday, a very nice package from Zalora arrived in the mail! My purchase didn't cost that much but the packaging made me feel like I bought something really expensive. Nice presentation.
If in case you need a visual step by step guide on how to go about placing an order, here are screenshots I took of the app when purchasing at Zalora.
Let's say you've already downloaded the app and were done signing up, here's how selecting an item to include in your virtual shopping bag looks like.
Select your size before clicking "Add to Bag"
Once you're done shopping, you would want to click "Checkout".
Screenshot_2014-11-18-20-09-24Double check your shipping information.
Screenshot_2014-11-18-20-10-04Select a payment method. Zalora will call you should they need verification when using a credit card or if they need more details. No one has to call me since I chose COD (Cash on Delivery).
Screenshot_2014-11-18-20-10-30Make sure you review your order and if you have a gift card or a voucher code, make sure you don't miss out on putting it in the required field.Screenshot_2014-11-18-20-10-59When you're all set, click "Order Now".
Screenshot_2014-11-16-17-11-49I got this email on a Monday.
Easy, right?
Whether we admit or not, online shopping is really convenient. You can be at the comfort of your home and be able to choose from a vast number of selection, brands, shops, by only lifting a finger. Although, there could be hiccups and problems along the way, it is left to our good judgment to choose shops or websites that are already established. Being able to read this article means you are on the Internet and the Internet is a great tool to research about the reputation of each online shopping company. Let's not make our hard-earned money go down the drain or disappear to oblivion. Do I recommend Zalora? Yes! Was I satisfied with their service? Yes! Should you order from them? Why not?
Till next time! Cheers!

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