Friday, February 20, 2015


IMG_0208We came in Balesin just in time for lunch. Before we even took the tour, we filled our stomach with what Balesin has in store. I will post all the food we partook in chronology.
Lunch Day 1
We had our lunch at a restaurant named Sakura. It's obviously... Japanese. I had Oyakudon.
My stomach's already full with a bow of Oyakudon. But that didn't stop me from getting Sashimi from my seatmate Tom.
While Oyakudon is your usual good tasting Japanese bowl, I was surprised at their Sahimi. I used to not like Japanese food because of their raw nature. I could still smell and taste the sea where the fish came from but this Sashimi doesn't have that fishy sensation to it. They must have removed the nasty sea taste and prepared it properly that I chewed it and didn't just swallow to get over the raw meat in my mouth.
Dinner Day 1
Since Bali Village was the last village we toured, it lingered in our memory and decided to have our dinner at their restaurant. I had Nasi Ayam. It's very similar to our Sinigang but there are different kinds of sauce which you may add to your liking.
Breakfast Day 2
Breakfast was at the clubhouse of Balesin Village. Coffee and bread are complimentary. I want to live here!
 Lunch Day 2
We had our lunch at Toscana Village's restaurant. Probably one of the best tasting pizzas I've ever had.
Parma Ham with Arugula
 Dinner Day 2
This is the fun part. We got to fish for our dinner! Yes! I was the second one to catch a fish and I had it grilled. Fishing is so thrilling that you want to do it again once you've already caught one. You will pay depending how much your fish weigh.
We went fishing at the restaurant over there.
Our view while eating.
Breakfast Day 3
Before we took our flight back to Manila, we waited for an advisory because there is a possibility that our flight will be cancelled. There's a typhoon coming. This is one of those moments that having a cancelled flight is actually a good idea because it only means one thing--one more day in Balesin! But no, we flew to Manila after breakfast.
I had tapsilog. Kinda sweet but good thing it came with a vinegar. I had my usual morning coffee which is free. There are fruits too. Then the rain came pouring down.
Two days and two nights are quite a short time to stay and fully enjoy what Balesin has to offer. Which gave me so much room to want for more. I think that when it comes to food, I have experienced not even half of what is there to check out in this island. Authenticity is what you can expect and I am longing to come back for me to see what the other villages have in store for my taste buds.

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