Friday, February 20, 2015


1606976_999480590068435_2090487655748699180_nWhen I was on blogging hiatus, I was thinking really hard if I should come back blogging or not. As much as I claim that I don't really experience any writer's block, blogging takes so much more than just being eloquent and having so much to say. Blogging requires commitment and passion. Being consistent and being updated are just part of the many elements you need to be able to tap each time you want to write something up. Because you don't want to write blog posts just for the sake of having one. Although I can always fake everything by concealing them with flowery words and well expressed thoughts, it's what happens inside of me that I am more concerned about. I don't want to be a nice looking fruit that rots inside.
Needless to say, I came back to blogging because writing is really one of the things I am passionate of. Remove all the fancy photos all bloggers post, we are all left with words... with story... and I believe that I can be one of the voices in the entire blogosphere that wants to be heard. And I also hope to be a voice for those who can't express their thoughts.
Every post presented to you by a blogger is a product of hard work. Every shot and keyboard stroke comes directly from the heart, combined with sweat and for some... tears.
Since I am recommitting myself to the crazy and fun world of blogging, I have come up with an outfit that is sporting a gameface-ish look. I am veering away from my usual outfit and tried doing my take on a look that is a little bit sporty. I borrowed the baseball cap of the one taking my pics (Josh). But after looking at the finished product, I realized I kinda look like the coach of a baseball team. Hahaha! That is still being sporty, right? A sporty look is really not my cup of tea. But this is something I want to be part of my wardrobe because lately I've been thinking of doing a sport to be healthy and fit. I went online to find out how I can be well versed to everything and anything about sporting a sporty look. I found this online shop that offers just that. The name is Fanatics ( Check them out here. I will post more sporty outfits in my future blog posts and will let you know more about my 'finds'.
10733965_999480270068467_4189982863340481424_n10734150_999479876735173_4025461424500618524_n10806323_999480563401771_615333948558887542_n1385252_999480200068474_5023617495632235126_n1507707_999479906735170_1017990261113654036_n10620751_999479643401863_1122450428857008554_n10460708_999480276735133_8991555505681986520_n10389356_999479913401836_3506418018544200586_n1966953_999480423401785_9195576429415454164_n(Details: Long sleeved button down: Cotton On, Grey shirt with pocket: Cotton On, Skinny chinos: Cotton On, Brogue boots: Milanos, Bracelet: SM Accessories, Baseball cap and shades: Josh's)
Till next time! Cheers!

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